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Social traveling: Are you a social traveler?

Travelers versus Package holidays: that is how traveling used to be split up. The major difference between the two was the travelers had backpacks and the holiday goers took their suitcases. However, all those differences are being blown up by the development of social travel and the growing dissatisfaction of travelers with the expensive impersonal standardized rooms in hotels. A new generation of travelers is taking over, focusing on local culture and discovering countries from the inside instead of going on stereotyped holidays.

So what is a social traveler? Well, the first characteristic of a social traveler is that he keeps the world updated on his trip through the many social networks available. They use all these networks (Facebook, Twitter) to post text, photos or videos of their trip. We could say that these social travelers are the next travel bloggers. Except the difference is that the social travel movement is much more massive: everyone can share updates on Facebook very easily. Interaction with others is also a key characteristic of a social traveler. A social traveler does not stay in hotels, but at other people’s places, meets new people, and discovers local culture instead of staying in the swimming pool all day.

Now the question is: if you used to be a “traditional” kind of tourist, how do you turn into a social traveler? The key is trying to stay relatively away from tourists. Of course you have to see Buckingham Palace if you go to London, it is still interesting even though it is very crowded. But you can always find hidden tracks that will make your stay more enjoyable! For example, most social travelers stay in local accommodation to experience life like a local rather than staying in a hotel room. It allows the traveler to have tips from locals, to meet new people, and most of all to make your stay a little bit more homely and personal. Also, an infographic, shared by our friends at Wimdu, shows very well how renting a local apartments is more comfortable and less expensive at the same time. However, apartment rentals are not included very much in package deals nowadays and a lot of people buy these package deals because they are all included and do not require any effort.

However with a little bit of work, you can have better and cheaper holidays, and you will be visiting a country not like a tourist but like a local! So grab your smartphone, your computer, and start changing the way you travel!

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