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Travel Resources, City Guide, Classified Ads for Rome and Italy
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Rome's timeless allure

After a brief visit to Rome, I found myself wanting to return almost instantly. The first attraction came to me in the form of scenery. A week is not enough time to truly explore the hidden depths that this city has to offer. The Colosseum is one of the most widely visited attractions in Italy. The history is what enthralls people. This famous stadium was used for animal hunts, gladiatorial games, famous battles and a lot of other events in Roman history. More than 80,000 people can be placed inside this stadium, and photographs can only say so much. Do not leave Rome without making a visit.

gladiatorial games

There are a lot of hidden delights to interest UK visitors. If you enjoy culture, you will be surrounded by museums and galleries - the Vatican and the Borghese are the most notable. Statues are a big part of Italian culture, and the city of Rome does not disappoint. Look out for Marforio and a wide selection of mythical gods and important historical figures. The hotels in Rome are ideal for tourists. Just like London hotels, the majority serve world-class cuisine, yet all the dishes are very Italian and very delicious. It would be difficult to find a meal that doesn't leave you with a satisfied feeling.

gladiatorial games

Hotels, hostels, and various forms of accommodation surround the city. Hotel Forum is all about luxury, located in the heart of the city, guests receive a very modern room with all the required facilities for tourists. Breakfast is also included. Prices start at around 155 euros. Some lower budget options include the Hotel Torino, Camelia, and Globus, all of which cost less than 100 euros a night. The friendliness of locals, cuisine, scenery, and general feel of Rome made me consider returning for a longer time. You will feel like you are walking in history, so explore and enjoy.

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