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Playing Poker In Europe

You’re all packed up for your poker trip to Europe. You’ve got your weather-appropriate clothing, your digital camera, and of course, your favorite poker books and laptop so you could get to practice via online casino. But you may be wondering as you get off the plane: What can you expect from playing poker in Europe?

What to Expect Playing Poker in Europe? Expect to Play Pot Limit Omaha

Pot limit Omaha is the game of choice all over Europe. It is to Europeans what hold’em is to Americans. As the effects of the poker boom fade a bit in the United States, more Americans are discovering pot limit Omaha as well, so you might want to learn this game even if you were only plan to go to Europe to participate in no limit hold’em tournaments. Pot limit Omaha is an entirely different game from no limit hold’em, so try to learn the ideas and strategies before you go. Jumping into a pot limit Omaha game with only hold’em knowledge is a recipe for disaster.

What to Expect Playing Poker in Europe? Different Rules of Decorum

At some European poker rooms, table talk is prohibited, at some it is merely frowned upon. The kind of dealer and fellow player abuse that may be tolerated at American casinos may not be tolerated in Europe. Try to be cognizant of the decorum rules of the country and the poker room that you are in. Remember that you are a guest in the country and try to behave accordingly, whether you are winning big or experiencing a bad run. So if you want to more about casino rules and decorum check out online casino reviews.

What to Expect Playing Poker in Europe? Good Poker Players

European poker has gotten very strong in the last few years. You only need to look to the main event of the World Series of Poker to see the evidence. The current WSOP champion is European, and a big chunk of the final table the year before was made up of European players. There are fish in Europe like anywhere else, to be sure, but there are also some very strong, savvy poker players that you will need to be prepared to tangle with.

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