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The major attractions of Romeís city centre are well known around the world, places like the Vatican and the Colosseum attract hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tourists every single year, but aside from all the famous streets and sites, there are a few extra secrets about holidaying in Rome that you may not know about.

The first, staying within the city limits, are the Villas. The Villas are not, as most people think, massive buildings along the lines of a holiday villa, when it comes to Rome a villa is a wide open space, some are like parks, some are a little more natural.

There are several villas in and around Rome. One of the more famous is Villa Borghese, which is a great place to visit on a hot summersí day and the kind of place where kids can run around before collapsing in the shade of a tree. Villa Borghese is not a great distance away from Termini, if you head north, and can be easily reached by bus, or by foot if you fancy a walk through some of the less famous parts of Rome.

Another great place to go is Villa Doria Pamphili. Doria Pamphili is high up on the hillside behind Trastevere (one of the main tourist regions) and offers stunning, and unparalleled, views of the city. Itís relatively easy to reach, no more than ten or fifteen minutes on foot from Trastevere itself and there are some fantastic buildings en route. Up near Doria Pamphili are Romeís botanical gardens (something of a well kept secret), they are quite small but again provide brilliant views of the city and a touch of Mediterranean exoticism.

Moving a little further away from Rome, Ostia is great for a day trip. Less than an hour from Termini by train Ostia was the beach holiday location of choice for ancient Romans and remains popular today. The beach at Ostia is always crammed with tourists, but there are other, more secluded, spots in either direction along the coast though they are a little more difficult to get to. Itís a good idea to ask for advice at where youíre staying if you fancy a little (not a lot) more peace and quiet on the beach.

Rome is one of the great places in the world to visit, and with the likes of ThomasCook offering great value deals on cheap holidays it may well prove to be a lot cheaper than would otherwise think. There is no better holiday than one in Rome.

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